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Herbal Remedies for Hair, Scalp and Skin Health

At Princess Mudd Herbal Beauty, we believe that natural is beautiful. That's why we use only all-natural ingredients infused with the best herbs for hair, scalp and skin health. Our products are suitable for all hair and skin types and are specifically formulated to boost the health of your scalp, skin and hair for healthier, fuller, shinier hair and younger, brighter and tighter skin.
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Widely used to stop hair thinning, Yucca Root naturally helps in hair thickening. Its rich saponin content acts as an effective scalp cleanser, which helps to relieve dandruff and scalp itchiness.

TEA TREE OIL uses for scalp...

Tea tree oil has proven natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties making it particularly effective in herbal shampoos formulated for combating dandruff and maintaining a healthy scalp, which is key when trying to stop hair loss and regrow hair! 

ALOE VERA homemade shampoo...

Our homemade small batch herbal shampoo contains pure Aloe Vera, which is a known treatment for dandruff and itchy scalp. It also helps rejuvenate dry scalp and hair, reduce frizziness, reduce hair fall, strengthen roots, and stimulate healthy hair growth!

Herbal Remedies for


Miss Taylor Rae - hip hop artist and teen entrepreneur. Princess Mudd Herbal Beauty Founder
Miss Taylor Rae (Songwriter/Artist/Entrepreneur)
Naturally Curly, 3b Hair Type, Medium Porosity

"When my mom and I came up with our herbal hair and skin care brand, we were all about making healthy products that vibe with all kinds of hair types - kinda like the mix we have in our own fam. We also wanted to put out there these dope herbal remedies I've been using for my acne and the same ones the queens in my family swear by for that forever-young, glowy skin. And let me tell you, we nailed it! We whipped up the most bomb natural hair and skin care products I've ever laid my hands on. Whether I'm slaying in front of the camera or laying down tracks, being confident is non-negotiable. Rocking healthy hair and skin? That's my secret sauce to having that crazy confidence that helps me kill everything I do."

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Not Your Typical Hair Moisturizer!

Uncover the ultimate intense hair moisturizer! Our salon-grade blend of Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Batana Oil delivers unmatched hydration. It's a daily moisturizer, leave-in conditioner, styling cream for braids, twists & blowouts, and a hair repair solution! Upgrade your hair care routine with this best selling natural hair product for dry, brittle, damaged textured hair.


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Get $10 Off

When you purchase our Elderberry Face Wash, Glow Cream, and Toner as a set

Our all-natural elderberry skincare products are infused with elderberry to provide vibrant, clear, healthy looking skin. An American Nutrition Association (ANA) study suggests that elderberry can help soothe the skin, ease the appearance of age spots, prevent/lessen wrinkles, and even help fight acne. Our unique herbal remedies for skin pair the power of elderberry with age old proven plant medicines to bring out your skin's natural youthful glow.

Use code NATURAL10 at checkout to get $10 off of your Elderberry Clear Skin Gift Set.
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