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Our Story

The idea to create an herbal beauty company may have been the idea of the youngest member of our family, Taylor, but creating herbal remedies for our scalp, hair, skin and overall health started long before we launched our brand.

Back in 2010, when all of the Roberts kids were still in elementary and junior high school, mom and dad (Kevin and Erica) were tired of coming down with the flu, colds, and other illnesses every time the kids would return to school from an extended break. Kevin and Erica started following Dr. Sebi (a world-renowned proven herbalist healer) and began to learn about the many different benefits of herbs like moringa, elderberry, and bladderwrack. Soon after, Erica began making her own herbal remedies to boost the family's immune system. For the next 6 years not one member of the family caught even a common cold!

From there, using the herbal extraction knowledge she had gained, Erica began experimenting with different herbs and oils in an effort to heal the scalp rash that had been causing her hair to fall out at an alarming rate. The scalp cream that she developed for her scalp not only healed the rash that doctors were not able to heal; but also moisturized, hydrated and repaired her dry, brittle, damaged hair. The cream was then used to maintain all of the kids hair and dad even began using it to keep his beard soft and moisturized.

Taylor, being the little entrepreneur she's always been, decided to sell the hair cream and eventually came up with the idea to create a hair care company based around her mom's herbal infusions. Her brother created a logo and with the rest of the family's help, Princess Mudd Herbal Beauty was launched in 2020 during the world-wide pandemic.

Over the last three years we've developed 6 additional hair care products for overall scalp health, hair growth, repair, hydration, moisturization; and 3 hair care products for those with oily and combination skin type and acne prone skin. We now grow some of our own herbs, but will eventually grow ALL of our own herbs.

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