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Family Hair Care business, Princess Mudd, is a top black owned business in Cincinnati, OH.

Our Story


“When I was a lot younger, my mom gave me the nickname Mudd because she said that I wouldn’t stay clean for more than 5 minutes after a bath. When I was around 3 or 4 years old, she says that she started calling me Princess Mudd because when she’d let me dress myself, I would choose the biggest laciest ball dress, put on my boots with lights on them (even in the summer), and go play football, baseball or whatever other game my brother and his friends were playing that day. 

I’ve grown up since then, but I’m still the same. Like many girls my age I love sports, and I love playing sports; but it’s important to me that I still look and feel beautiful even when I’m getting dirty! Healthy hair and skin are the main reasons I can wear my natural hair with confidence. Even when I’m not wearing make-up, I still feel royal! When your skin is healthy, it has a natural glow that makeup just can’t match! And, when our hair is healthy, people can’t help but to stare, as if it were a crown.
Initially, I planned to only create a small business selling the hair moisturizer my mom would use on my hair and my two older sisters’ hair when we were growing up. But after a lot of research and some help from my mom, we were able to create a set of skin products that helped with the really bad acne that was attacking my face at the time; and additional hair products that helped with the scalp rashes that were causing my mom to lose her hair at the time. With my brother’s help, we were able to create packaging for our products and in August 2020 (right in the middle of a worldwide pandemic) we officially launched our natural beauty brand, Princess Mudd!”

- Taylor Rae.

African American business owner, Taylor Rae, co-owns a hair care and skin care brand name Princess Mudd.
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