Family Hair Care business, Princess Mudd, is a top black owned business in Cincinnati, OH.

Our Story

“Growing up, I would sit in our kitchen and watch my mom make the hair products she would use in me and my two sisters’ hair. Back then, I didn’t realize how well the products worked on our hair; I assumed all hair products worked the same. When my friends started complimenting my hair and asking about what I used, I would bring them some to school to try. They loved it and wanted to buy it! My brother and I came up with the packaging; we just needed a name! My mom has been calling me her Mudd since I could remember so that’s how we came up with Princess Mudd.”

- Taylor Rae.

African American business owner, Taylor Rae, co-owns a hair care and skin care brand name Princess Mudd.

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PO Box 18212, Fairfield, OH 45018

phone: 1-833-424-7683