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How to use Batana Oil for Hair Growth

Updated: Jan 19

If you're here, you probably already know that Batana Oil is basically a miracle oil when it comes to repairing hair damage and stimulating growth. But, how you're using it will determine the level of effectiveness.

Because Batana is one of those hard-to-find oils (that's more like a butter), it may be a little difficult to get your hands on; in addition to it's rarity, it's also very expensive. A product containing a large amount of Batana may be easier to find and easier on your pockets. Look for products where Batana or Elaeis Oleifera (the INCI name) appears near the beginning of the ingredients list (top 5). Because of the potency of Batana, using a product containing a large amount of Batana Oil will work just as well, if not better; as you'll also get the benefits of the other ingredients too.

Here is how we recommend you use Batana or Batana-based products for hair growth and damage repair:

1. Pre-Shampoo Treatment

The night before your wash day, massage your Batana Oil product into your scalp and strands. Cover your hair with a plastic conditioning bag. Then, tie a scarf around your head to keep the plastic bag in place as you sleep through the night. Within 24 hours, proceed with your regular wash day routine. Do not rinse out the Batana treatment before shampooing. Shampoo hair as usual. Repeat this treatment once a week.

2. Rinse Out Conditioner

After washing your hair, massage a small amount of pure Batana Oil (or a generous amount conditioner containing Batana Oil) to your hair and scalp. Especially pay attention to the scalp, making sure the conditioner is massaged directly into the scalp. After 3-5 minutes, rinse hair. Do this each time you wash your hair.

3. Moisturizer

Mix a about one tablespoon of Batana Oil into your regular daily moisturizer; or find a moisturizing product containing Batana Oil like our Royal Restoration Cream (link at the end of this post). Spray hair with plain water or a water-based liquid hair product to dampen hair. Then, massage the Batana moisturizer into your hair and scalp. Do this 1-2 times a week or anytime hair feels dry.

And that's it! Pretty simple right? Before you start, take a selfie showing your hair length right now. Then, in 6 weeks take a similar selfie showing your growth. Post them and tag us! Our social media links are below. Good Luck!!!


We use quality Batana Oil directly from Honduras in our products. Try doing the steps above using our pre-treatment, hair cream and moisturizer. Batana is a main ingredient in all of these products.

Restorative Batana Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask - Available Soon!

Elderberry Silk Natural Conditioner with Horsetail and Batana Oil

Royal Restoration Cream for Dry, Dull, Brittle Textured Hair with Batana Oil and Aloe Vera

These products are currently only sold individually.


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