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Split Ends

Elderberry Silk Deep Conditioner with Silk Proteins and Batana Oil (10oz)


Princess Mudd’s Elderberry Silk Deep Conditioner is a natural conditioning treatment that moisturizes, softens, and repairs hair; replenishes hair protein; reduces breakage; and helps protect hair from heat damage. Our fragrance-free conditioner has a sweet aroma and a thick creamy (slippery) consistency that makes finger detangling quick and easy. You’ll feel your scalp tingle as this conditioning treatment works to rejuvenate hair follicles, stimulate hair growth, and soothe scalp irritation.

LOC/LCO Set for Maximum Moisture, Detangling, Repair and Hair Growth


LOC is an acronym for LIQUID-OIL-CREAM. It's a popular application process that is used to lock moisture into hair strands by layering products in a certain order (1st-Liquid, 2nd-Oil, 3rd-Cream).  This hair care set includes everything you need to practice this method: Hydration Mist (6oz), Herbal Growth Oil (5oz), and Restorative styling Cream (8oz)

Nettle Power Blend Herbal Hair Growth Oil with Lavender and Rosemary Oils (5oz)


Princess Mudd’s Nettle Power Blend Hair Growth Oil was specifically created to boost the overall health of your hair and scalp. When your scalp is healthy, your hair will typically grow about ½ inch per month. This oil helps strengthen hair and prevent split ends from forming, so that you can keep the hair you grow. Dull, lifeless hair becomes vibrant and soft after only a few uses. This natural lavender scented oil is very light and doesn’t leave hair feeling overly oily.

Pure Batana Oil for Hair Growth - Radiant Skin - Intense Moisture (10oz)


Batana Oil, also called Ojon Oil,  is derived from the fruit of the American palm tree (Elaeis oleifera), which is native to the tropical regions of Central and South America. It's sometimes confused with traditional palm oil, which is derived from the African oil palm (Elaeis guineensis). Batana oil has been traditionally used by the Miskito people in Honduras for hair and skin care, and it's often referred to as Ojon oil in the cosmetic industry. Our Batana Oil is imported directly from Honduras and is the same type of oil used in many of our hair and skin products due to it's many hair and skincare benefits. For hair, it promotes growth, moisturizes, and adds a natural luster. For skin, it fights acne and enhances radiance.  

Scalp Food & Restorative Styling Cream | Hairdress for Dry Textured Hair (8oz)


Elevate your hair game with this triple-action hairdress, serving as a potent hair moisturizer, soothing hair grease, and restorative styling cream. This game-changing hair cream nourishes, repairs, and stimulates growth for textured or curly hair, including type 4c hair. Effortlessly style your 2-strand twists, finger twists, and braids, while getting soothing itchy scalp relief. Regular use will have your hair healthier, shinier, and longer in just a few short weeks. 

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