The Healing Hydration Mist is pH balanced to match the natural pH levels of hair and scalp, which is between 4.5 and 5.5. This natural acidity is important because it prevents fungi and bacteria in the hair and scalp as well as keeps the cuticle closed and healthy. Those with curly hair already have slightly open cuticles; therefore, it is especially important for them to return their hair to a slightly acidic pH level.


The best moisture for hair is water; aloe vera is 96% water. This water-based moisturizer attracts, traps and locks moisture into the hair strands, which is especially beneficial for extremely dry, brittle hair. For best results, layering a moisture sealing oil on top of this moisturizing product, will help prevent quick evaporation, locking in moisture for days.


When hair is in a protective style such as box-braids, feeders, sew-ins, etc., it’s usually washed less. Even when it is washed, dead skin cells, dust, and sebum can easily be trapped near the roots. This can cause the scalp to itch. Using this spray daily helps to eliminate bacteria and ease the itch. For a deeper cleanse, a cotton ball can be used to rub the liquid into the scalp and dislodge dead skin cells.


Using this spray increases hair volume. Those with kinky hair commonly will twist or braid hair before bed. When removing braids/twists, it’s difficult to wear a full voluminous style without losing the natural curl pattern. When applying this spray after removing twists/braids, the natural curl pattern returns and hair has much more volume, making styling easier.

Healing Hydration Mist for Hair, Face and Scalp - With Aloe Vera and Rose Water

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  • Main Benefits

    • Balances hair and scalp pH level
    • Hydrates hair strands
    • Soothes itchy scalp
    • Provides a natural aloe-based detangler
    • Revives dry flat curls
    • Smooths frizzy hairs
    • Offers astringent properties help to reduce scalp oiliness
    • Reduces dandruff and can help to unblock follicles blocked by excess oil
    • Relieves many scalp conditions, including itchy scalp, with its anti-inflammatory properties
    • Removes/hides unwanted scents in hair with its natural rosy fragrance
    • Removes oil and residue from the hair shaft left behind by other hair products
    • Contains vitamins A, C and E, which are all important in promoting hair growth
    • Contains B12 and Folic acid, which is important in preventing hair loss
    • Increases elasticity of hair making it harder for hair to break
    • Strengthens hair and promotes a healthy scalp
    • Releases antioxidant properties that promote clear and healthy skin
    • Improves damaged, dry hair
    • Lightens scars and dark spots
  • Usage

    • Makeup finishing spray
    • Daily skin moisturizer
    • Afro/Curl Refresher
    • Detangler
    • Scalp Soother
    • Hair Deoderizer
    • Rejuvenate braids/locs

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