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Hair Mudd

This cream was formulated to hydrate, nourish, and moisturize severely dry, brittle damaged hair; as well as heal and soothe the scalp.  Made with premium oils such as batana, nigella sativa, lavender, and bergamot; this combination penetrates the hair shaft, protects the cuticle, coats hair strands and provides hair with the proper nutrients to bring out the hair’s natural shine. This cream is great for braid-out/twist-out styles, blow drying, defining curls, and/or daily moisturizing.


Conditioning Shampoo

This mild conditioning shampoo has excellent softening and moisturizing properties that help hair retain its elasticity which helps to prevent breakage. Dead skin cells and product build-up are efficiently washed away which promotes long, thick, and healthy hair growth.


Follicle Cleanser & Hair Strengthener

This product was created specifically to cleanse the hair follicles, aid in detangling hair, and strengthen hair in preparation for the vigorous wash day routine. Improving the condition of the hair follicles promotes healthy hair growth. It is designed to loosen dead skin cells and dirt from the hair and scalp so that it can be easily washed away during shampooing. It detangles and strengthens hair prior to washing so that less hair is lost during shampooing. To do this, it seals or protects the inner layer of the hair, making it less prone to swelling up with water. Because there is little or no swelling, hair remains stronger.


Hydration Mist

Made with aloe vera and rose water, this combination of ingredients was named ‘Healing Hydration Mist’ because of the proven healing and moisturizing effects of Aloe Vera. Rose water is added to help soften hair, reduce oiliness, and naturally deodorize hair. The Healing Hydration Mist can also be used on the face as a light water-based moisturizer or as a make-up finishing spray.

Complete Thickening & Growth Bundle | Regrow Hair & Promote Healthy Scalp

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  • Main Benefits

    • You will receive the complete Thickening & Growth Collection - (1) 8oz Pre-Shampoo Treatment + (1) 12oz Shampoo + (1) 6oz Hydration Hair Mist + (1) 8oz Nourishing Growth Butter
    • The THICKENING AND GROWTH FORMULA was specifically created to promote healthy scalp and follicles; allowing healthy hair to grow longer and thicker.
    • The PRE-WASH and SHAMPOO work together to strengthen hair strands and wash away dead skin and chemical build-up.
    • The HYDRATION MIST and HAIR MUDD work together to keep scalp nourished and hair soft, healthy and moisturized. Also use the Hair Mudd for twisting, braiding, natural styling and flat/curl ironing.

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